We are on a mission to protect and restore nature at all costs.

Our Mission

We provide business mentorship and fundraising support to those who are working to protect biodiversity, restore and regenerate nature, disrupt extractive industries, and create economic value in favor of nature.

Our Story

Symbiotic Projects was founded by an investor and conservationist who wants to supercharge the growth of startups and funds that are working on nature-based solutions.

I have always been fascinated by nature so when I had the opportunity to travel to the Amazon, I said yes without hesitation. While there, I witnessed first-hand the scale of deforestation and land conversion and it devastated me. I left that trip feeling a deep connection to nature and a desire to protect it from human destruction.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that, although founders appreciated my angel checks, I was able to provide more value to them when I leveraged my skills, knowledge, and network to boost their fundraises. After independently working with many founders, I started my own investment and advisory practice (Symbiotic Projects) so that I could work full-time on supercharging the growth of NBS startups and climate funds through fundraising support, investor and partner sourcing, and business mentoring.

Matthew Portman
Founder & CEO
Our Approach

We know what investors want. We leverage that to give our clients what they need.

Fundraising Advisor

This is where we do the bulk of our work. We offer our skills, services, and expertise on a project-by-project basis to help accelerate fundraises and boost the growth of mission aligned companies.

Limited Partner

Additionally, we are a value-add Limited Partner in several climate funds. We actively work to support fund operations through introductions to founders and other investors.

Angel Investor

Occasionally, we also write checks as an angel investor. We always strive to be a high value-add partner to our portfolio companies, offering our help whenever we can.

Protecting & Restoring Nature At All Costs
How We Work

We use a regenerative business model to support our commitment to nature.


Pricing Tailored by Project

We offer flexible pricing options tailored to each project and client's needs. This includes project-based fees, hourly rates, or a percentage of successfully raised funds. To maintain compliance, we collaborate with regulated entities for commission-based work. We prioritize discussing and agreeing upon the pricing structure before commencing any new project.


Profits are Reinvested

We reinvest profits as equity, prioritizing the most impactful investments. We differentiate our fundraising services from personal investments, ensuring transparency and clarity. With this unique regenerative business model, we ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect nature and support the growth of our portfolio companies.

Our Impact

By the Numbers

Money Raised

86,000 ha

Nature Restored


Projects Taken On
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86,000 HA

Nature Restored


Projects Taken On